We grow raw materials for our products in our fields. The whole process from production to implementation is under our control. We are responsible for every package we have bought from us.

In order to avoid fakes, do not buy our products from sellers who are not on our partners list. All who we work with on official terms are listed in the list on this page.

Our results are obtained by using of modern cryogenic grinding (there are only few such devices in Russia) that allows to keep all the useful and healing properties of medicinal plant as well as to weed out harmful mechanical impurities. Thereby, our supplements contain the whole spectrum of nutrients and components present in those or other plants.

All healing features of these medicinal plants are inherited in produced by us supplements, unlike other companies’ products obtained by extraction. During extraction process, the most of healing features is lost. Meanwhile, extracts may contain some useless or harmful substances such as acetone, aluminum salts, heavy metals, etc. For these reasons, such supplements not only have a minimal useful effect but also may be actually useless or sometimes even harmful.