Faster, Higher, Stronger, Healthier

Seven original supplements of 19 products of the line “Fitness & Life” produced by LLC “PHARMLAND” are packed into black plastic jars. They are designed for athletes, but when taken at lowered dosage may also be used by every people who live healthy and active lifestyle. These supplements are used for fast adaptation to heavy physical and psychical stresses, for fast and full rehabilitation after intense exercise stresses, for recovery after steroids. These supplements are designed for muscle mass recovery, faster rehabilitation after injuries and diseases, increase of libido, treatment of and recovery of ligaments and joints, restoring of liver and digestive system functions.

All products are highly efficient and haven’t negative side effects when used according to instructions of application.

 All you need for your health!

Twelve innovative supplements of the line “Fitness & Life”, produced by LLC “PHARMLAND”, are

designed for athletes and persons who live an active and healthy lifestyle. In appropriate doses,

they may be used by all health-conscious people as well as by athletes during various stages of

training process, preparing for competitions and recovery.

All products are made with use of original technologies that provide the maximum efficiency.